LP "Zeroed By Progress" 2013
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  01. Zeroed by Progress (Official video)                                                         
  02. Pleasure from Amusements                                      
  03. Value of Life (Official video)  
  04. Slipstream
  05. Starving
  06. Hatred Rises                                                                       
  07. Disconnected Defense
  08. One Word
  09. Self-Deception Process (Official video)  
  10. Model 2
  11. Last Man Who Saw the Day
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              LP "Canvas" 2009
 x_aba76631.jpg  Tracklist:                                                                     
   02.Eternal Grief
   03.Scenes on Canvas                       
   04.Long Expectation   
   06.When Thought Comes to Life
   07.In My Eyes
   08.White Sand
   09.In Twilight of a Stage
   10.The call of Despair
   11.The Price Of Mistake
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        DEMO "Will Of Rain" 2003
m3.jpg   Tracklist:                                                                         
   01. Echo Of Approaching Storm...
   02. Is A Secret My Conditions?        
   03. Inspire Your Freedom  
   04. My Victim In Time
   05. ... Will Of Rain...
   06. Try To Forgive Me
   07. Blinded By Thirst Of Death
   08. Long Expectation
   09. ... Sanctify By Water    



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